Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do You Happen To Have This Fabric?

I'm going to be sick.  I can't find some of the fabric I need for "My Tweets".  It's called "Hungarian Blue" by Clothworks and of course it no longer exists.  I've scoured the internet looking for the piece I need to no avail.

It's so frustrating when fabric companies create a fabulous line of fabric but don't keep it or make enough of it to go around.  Indigo fabric is hard enough as it is to find making it worse.  It cam out last year and was gone before you know it.

Here's the fabric I need.  It's the light blue print in the feathers.  If it's truly gone, what do you suggest I do for the five blocks I need done?  I've only used it for the feathers so it's not like I need yards of it.  A fat quarter would do it.  If you happen to have some and willing to share, I will find a way to exchange for something or pay for it.  

Only thing I can come up with is to rearrange the birds and find something similar to it to put in with the new blocks.

And of course, the red fabric I've been using for my "Red December" isn't in my LQS.  She has no idea where she got it or what brand it is.  I know it's called "Turkey Red" and the closest I can come to is Marcus Brothers Centennial Fabric line as they have fabric called turkey red.  The Fat Quarter Shop has some in stock but have to wait until next week to order it.

Again, gorgeous fabric, but without a company name I'm guessing.

Lesson learned.  Always write down the manufacturer and color/number of the bolt.  The only reason I didn't was that she had a huge bolt of it and figured it was something she'd keep in stock.


Sue said...

Found your fabric here :

Patsy Thompson said...

I have some of this fabric if you're still looking for it. Also, I just found your blog and spent a few hours looking at all your lovely photos last night. Your applique blocks are beautiful!