Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"My Tweets" Layout

Finally got my heater up and ready for winter.

I decided on 1 inch finished strips and started out on my quilt.  It's going to look fantastic if/when I get it done.  I'm torn between green cornerstones or a light blue.  Or even yellow.  Once I get the final measurements done, I'll do the center panel.  I have the pieces cut out and need to fuse them down.

The original directions had 14 inch finished squares but when I cut down block one, I cut off part of the design.  There isn't any way these blocks will finish at 14 inches.  I cut 16 inch blocks when I started and they'll finish at 15.5 inches.  I have to redo block one and three and then do the last three blocks.  

The final border is going to kill me with all those leaves.  That's the "if/when" part of this quilt.