Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Inch borders or 1.5 Inch Border? Add Green Cornerstones?

I have been busy doing stuff, I just haven't had time to post.  My heater went out and it's taken 2 weeks to get the part.  Thankfully it's not cold yet and we discovered it now instead of the middle of winter.  The same sensor goes out every year so go figure.

My dryer hasn't been heating right and when the guy checked he said it was all the lint backed up in the vent.  We got all that pulled out but the dryer still wasn't drying.  Guy said it was probably plugged up at the outside.  The problem is that the vent is covered by a deck.  I had to cut out part of the board by the deck yesterday and pull out more lint.  Of course I didn't have a saw and couldn't afford one.  I ended up using my drill and the biggest drill bit I could find and drilling holes down the board.

The previous owners had put a board about 4 inches in front of the vent as well.  It was a pain trying to get into the vent and wondered if I should cut out part of the board.  The guy came today and said it was probably good.

I finished up my stitching project though.  It's simply stunning and it needs framed.  I just don't know how to do it.  Guess I need to Google it and find out.

Over the past couple of days I've been going through projects and pulled out my "My Tweets".  I got frustrated with the piecing as I'd screwed up the block sizes.  I figured I'd just put the blocks together and get the measurement for the inside panel and redo it.

I need your help.  The first picture has a 1.5 inch finished border and the second has a 1inch border.  Which works best?  I plan on putting green cornerstones in, but this might work better.  So, add in green cornerstones or not?  I'm hoping I have enough dark fabric for the top.  

I haven't given up on "Red December".  I just need a break.


Linda said...

I like the one inch better! It'll be well worth the trouble when you get it done.

Karen said...

Bethany -- your stitching is so pretty --- and "My Tweets" is beautiful! I would go with the 1.5 inch sashing myself -- I think it highlights the blocks more -- gives them more of their own Space... On the block that is too small -- I would just add on the 1/2 inch on either side with your original white background fabric -- once it's quilted it won't show that much...

Best of luck with it ! It really is beautiful!