Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tim Holtz "Lost and Found" Mini Book

I did this album from Kathy Orta's tutorial on YouTube.  It was working great until I went to bind the book.  She had put holes in her covers and bound the book with chain.  I don't have a fancy thingy that does holes so I figured I'd do it the old fashioned way.  Well, her way of putting the bags together wasn't meant for it and I messed up.  Of course I've used Scor-Tape and there's no fixing it now.

It's not a huge thing, but the last page doesn't attach to the book very well, and it's off center.  Just like in quilting, make it a happy mistake right?

Speaking of quilting, I asked Graphic 45 if they would do a paper line with quilting themes.  I got a response back and she had said the idea was great and had forwarded it on to the design department.  Fingers crossed they do it.

Here's the cover:

One of the pages:

Flip wallet that still needs finishing:

I still need to finish up all the extras as she had more stuff to put in but it looks great!  While in JoAnns my youngest went nuts over Tim Holtz's stuff.  She was pulling out everything to match with these papers.  I'm still not sure I'm into the grunge stuff and my only complaint is all his papers look alike.  As a quilter, color is everything and having a mixture of darks and lights sets off a quilt and the paper.  If you were to take a grayscale picture of his paper, it would all look the same.

Now to put covers on my other books and hope they work out.  It's like binding a quilt and I suck at binding..LOL.

Only thing I really need are magnets and those are hard to find.  I need the 1/4 inch really thin ones and Amazon and a lot of stores are out.  They need to hold down paper so Wally World and the craft world ones don't work.  Great for refrigerators, not for paper.