Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fabric Test Cut And Draw With The Cricut Explore

After going through my stash and working one project I wondered what a favorite BOM quilt designer has been up too.  She's started another BOM called "Be Happy" and I downloaded the first two blocks.    I wondered how easy it would be to draw on fusible webbing and how well the Explore cuts fabric.

I tried to import the image into Design Studio but couldn't get the picture to trace well.  It kept seeing the white behind the block and I finally gave up.  I have the Mac version of MTC and imported the screenshot.   I cleaned up the picture and used the layers setting to separate the pieces.  The problem with importing raster images is that the software sees 2 lines (the edges) instead of one single line.  I think MTC does have a setting to do single lines but I'm not sure where it is.

I made the drawn circles real circles and put the block back together.  I sent it over to Design Studio and it showed up almost true to size and in one piece.  I changed everything to the draw setting and drew out the pieces on fusible webbing.  Cool!  

I realized I hadn't tried cutting fabric and using 505 basting spray on the fabric, I placed the fabric on the mat and taped down the piece.  I used the fabric setting and it cut!  Now for machine appliqué, I don't think the fabric is stable enough to satin stitch.  You would need a fusible webbing for the back.

I don't know if the Explore fits a pencil as I'd hate for the pen to bleed through to the fabric when using an iron.  What I'd have to do is separate the pieces and add a shadow layer for the cut line.  How easy it would be to import into Design Studio, I don't know.

By the time I'd done the editing, imported it to Design Studio and started drawing/cutting I could have had most of the pieces traced onto paper and pressed onto the fabric.  I don't think doing it this way would save time.  However; if you needed a ton of little tiny flowers or leaves this would work.  I can even see putting different fabrics on the mat to get an entire flower done at one time.  

I haven't tried to cut with fusible webbing on the back of the fabric.   It's after midnight and I'm tired.


Betsy said...

Bethany, I have watched many tutorials about cutting with fabric on the cricut explorer and I have had no success at all. I have tried fusible with the backing on, the backing off, freezer paper and nothing works good. My cricut sits there unloved. The same with importing images. They are not as easy as they claim to be.