Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Driver

Since hubby is my driver we spend a lot of time together. He works nights so he can get me to doc visits and run errands. That's why he's always with me at a quilting store. Of course it works backwards as well. I help him raid Best Buys looking for DVDs. I know what he's looking for and what he might like. I know what movies are in steelbook and what movies have special editions.

I was even evil and told him he could have a Blu-Ray player. He asked what he'd do with all the movies he has now. He didn't want to have to buy them over again. Sigh. I told him you keep your dvd player for the dvds and start buying movies you want now for the Blu-Ray player. You get the best of both worlds. He agreed that I was evil. The only reason he hasn't taken me up on the offer is that Blu-Ray players still full of glitches. And a lot of the movies have been copied from dvd and put on Blu-Ray discs making them pointless. He's happy with his region-free player for now. He just picked up "Knight Rider" and steelbook copies of "Indiana Jones" and "The Hulk". Next week we go pick up some more movies.

Back to quilting. My Sapphire makes a wonderful 1/4 inch seam. I put it to the test when I did some really small blocks that came out 1x2 inches finished. Wow. So far no issues with the machine. It hasn't blown up on me, eaten my fabric or made me want to kill it.