Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Hooked On Feathers"

I discovered games for your iPod.  I downloaded "Phase" which is a version of my favorite video game, "Guitar Hero".   You use the songs you download and play.  I'm in love.  I'm playing KISS songs and playing guitar!

I have done quilting today.  I've been working on a new technique for feather quilting called "Hooked On Feathers" by Sally Terry.  It's a fabulous way to machine quilt feathers without backtracking and it's so versatile.  I've spent several hours working on my quilt today.  I'll get some pics up soon.

The Sapphire seems to be doing well with FMQ.  I've had to adjust the tension some but it's using invisible thread beautifully.  

Oh..the other thing I discovered is that Nike has teamed up with iPod and created a running package for your ipod.  You put the transmitter in your shoe and the receiver in the ipod and it tracks your runs.  I've walked a mile every day for the past couple of days.  I set my goals low so when I go over, I feel really good about myself.  LOL.  I'm burning about 200 calories a mile. 


Jackie said...

I'm interested in hearing about your Sapphire. I know one day I'll be in the market for a machine that will do more than my Grandquilter.

I'd love to see pictures of your quilt!