Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shredding Stars

Hubby insisted that he liked the stars better than the other block. However; after trying to do one, he may be out of luck. I've ruined 2 stars because I can't get the centers to match up. Of course, the more you play with it the more you stretch it.

I don't necessarily hate inset seams, I just hate dealing with the center of the star. There has to be way to make the points work. Paper piecing just adds more bulk. I'm wondering if maybe I put it on a light fusible stabilizer that it might work.

The other design has a zillion pieces but may just be easier to work with.

I discovered that my computer has connected to someone's wireless internet yesterday. Only thing I can think of is that one of my neighbors has wireless and my computer detected the signal. I disabled the wireless connection as I don't think the other person would appreciate me using their network. They might be freaked out wondering who's trying to connect up to theirs. LOL.

That's kind of scary thinking anyone could just connect in to your computer like that. All my computer did was say it had found a wireless connection and was using it. The XP side of my computer picks it up. If the Mac side is, it's not saying anything about it.

Oh..need a laugh? I showed my husband the cover of a new Irish quilting magazine that has a naked woman wrapped up in a quilt. His comment was along the lines of, "You buy the magazine. I get a naked chic and you get the quilt pattern."


Trish said...

I showed my hubby the same picture and his comment was that 'the quilt should've been smaller'

VerrySherry said...

Hi Bethany,
Thanks for the laugh--we appreciate the mention on your blog and would like to reward you with Issue 2--if you're not a subscriber already! Please email me your address. And btw, please break the news to your Hubby that No.2 has no naked chick this time. hehe -Sherry, Editor, Irish Quilting.