Thursday, January 01, 2009

Quilting With Vilene

I spent to day trying to mark a quilt.   After weeks of thinking about how to quilt it, my brain finally kicked in. 

Normally I do pretty good at this.  I have several pens and a couple of pencils.  My water soluble pen which worked last week is not working today.  None of my pencils were dark and light enough to see the motif.  I finally got one done and then...

I'm using fusible batting.  Water soluble pen if pressed with an iron doesn't come out.  Good thing I only have one motif done.  Sigh.  At least I was smart enough to remember that.   

There has to be a simple way to mark a quilt.  And then it hit me!!  Vilene water soluble stablizer!!!  When you do machine embroidery, you put a WSS on top of something like a knit so the stitching doesn't disappear into the fabric.  Then you just wash it out.  Vilene looks like a mesh type fabric.

I traced out my design onto the stabilizer using my water soluble pen that protested and pinned it to the quilt top.  Check this out!!!
From Quilted with Love

And the back:
From Quilted with Love

My Sapphire 870 has no problem using invisible thread and has perfect tension when doing FMQ.  I love the floating foot that I bought.  

I could really use another WS pen though.  This one is dying big time.

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Hey, for once I know the answer - Rubbing alcohol. Use an eye dropper or a soda straw to put it in the pen. First you have to take the little stopper off the end with a pair of pliers and be careful not to lose it down the drain. It only takes a tiny bit of alcohol, but I've managed to get quite a bit of extra life out of those pens. Also love your blogs. Thank you.

grammousejay in CO