Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Circumventing Technology

Today is planned for some sewing.  I took my Horizon off the table and put my Topaz back on.  Janome has a new 1/4 foot for the Horizon coming out in September so register your machine if you haven't.  They will send it to you.  I'll get pictures of my blocks up soon.

Yesterday was intensely frustrating as I discovered after downloading an ebook from Deseret Books that it won't convert into a format that works for my iPad.  I spent hours trying to circumvent the issue to no avail.  I'd order some books but Deseret wants full price for everything.  I went to for a book and it was almost half off there.  Go figure.      

Deseret Book uses Adobe Digital Editions for their reading.  I thought that the format was in ePub as I can download it to DH's nook just fine.  I figured since it was in his nook, I'd add it to my iPad nook.  The iPad nook application isn't the same as his.  Sigh.  The books digitally download from Adobe into all the products except the iPad.

Adobe and Apple have some kind of fued going hence Apple not having Adobe products like a flash player on their iPod/Pad products.  Grow up Adobe and Apple.

So, why not just use DH's nook?  You all know I have this ability to kill expensive things.  He's got over 300 books on it and I'm not about to ruin it by my "talents".  I can get the books in there for him, but I know I'd ruin something if I handled it for longer than a few minutes.

I thought about buying my own nook since they have gone down to 150 bucks but couldn't justify it.  DH just said to use his and I'll just hope I don't kill it by accident.  There are things I like about the nook, but I don't like the battery life of it or how slow it responds.  It's also not very user friendly at times.  It won't accept my password to download books and you have to really nagivate through the screens.