Monday, August 09, 2010

Shape Cut Plus Ruler

I emailed the Accuquilt company last night about returning my cutter.  I just want my money back, but I bet they'll just want to send me another.  If they do, it's tempting to just sell it privately.

If you've decided the Go! cutter isn't for you, my favorite tool for cutting strips is a Shape Cut ruler by June Tailor.  I bought the 18 inch one online from Walmart last week and have been using it instead of my cutter.  I have the 12 inch one but it wasn't long enough to do the cutting I needed.

The 12 inch Shape Cut is available in most stores, but the Shape Cut Plus isn't.  I called all the retailers in my local area to no avail.  Walmart had it online for 25 bucks and they shipped site-to-store for easy pick-up.  It seems to retail around 40 bucks everywhere else.

Thankfully, my FIL leaves tomorrow.  For the most part, he's behaved himself.  Except in public where I had to profusely apologize to the waitress for an extremely crude joke and his tantrums about the music volume.  Apparently he's not a Queen fan and for losing his hearing, he sure hears more than he should.   Selective hearing maybe?  I do recongnize that hearing aids amplify every sound to the same level you've got the volume at, so I know the music probably came in pretty loud to him.  It still doesn't excuse his tantrums.

I'm hoping his wife takes my son and I to the chiropractor without him.  We are under a heat advisory making it not safe to just walk up.  I called the office giving advance warning just in case he comes.  The receptionist laughed, said she understood and would warn the doc.   Umm..I hope she still laughs after he leaves.


Jennifer said...

I have been interested in trying the shape cut as it looks really cool but my one concern is being able to hold the ruler down steadily enough and make all the cuts without it shifting. It seems like you would need pressure on all four corners to make sure all the cuts are straight. Make sense? What has been your experience? Is it no big deal?

Rhonda said...

So sorry to hear that the "GO" thingy didn't work for you. I never bought is a problem so I decided to spend it on fabric.....LOL.

SewCalGal said...

I have this Shape Cut ruler and love it. Before my AccuQuilt, I couldn't imagine why anyone would want an AccuQuilt with this ruler. But after giving AccuQuilt a try, I realized that there are pros/cons of each. While I still like this ruler, I confess I use the AccuQuilt much, much, much more that this ruler. And, the AccuQuilt has certainly paid for itself with the ability to cut scraps that previously would have been tossed and I'd have never wanted to pull out the Shape ruler to cut such scraps (or use any other ruler). I now seek out scraps to cut on the AccuQuilt.

But it sounds like you have already made up your mind that the AccuQuilt isn't for you. No tool is perfect for everyone, so I can accept your perspective. Still, amazing how many have fallin in LOVE with AccuQuilt and you are not getting that experience.


Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Good for you!!! A lemon by any other color is still a lemon.

Manufacturers KNOW there are lemons in their products. It's a result of mass production. Somewhere along the assembly line a worker will make a mistake.... a part in backward or a screw missed... and a lemon is produced.

They should be willing to either trade for a better one or refund your money.

If you had bought a refrigerator or a stand up mixer or a lawn mower and then had that many problems using it.... would you be a mechanic or return the product?

I'm sorry to sound so negative but I firmly believe in manufacturers standing behind their products and not making excuses. I believe companies should work more toward turning out QUALITY instead of quantity. A happy customer is a repeat customer.

onlymehere said...

You're not the first one that's had so many problems with this cutter and I'm sure you won't be the last. I hope they give you your money back. Your honest appraisals are what made me quit wanting one so bad...well, that and the cost of the machine, lol! I appreciate how honest you've been about it.

Vivian said...

Don't know if you'll see this since I'm commenting awhile after you posted it but I have to agree I LOVE MY SHAPECUT!! Anyone contemplating buying it should know that it's not only good for cutting strips but also then subcutting those strips into squares. You know, like when you have a project that calls for thirty-two 2" squares. A ten minute job with the Shape Cut (ask me how I know).

Also wanted to take this time to thank you for your Janome Horizon review back in June. I bought one this summer and am in love with it.