Thursday, August 12, 2010

Got My AccuQuilt Go! And Watching TV

My new Accuquilt Go! cutter arrived yesterday.  In a few minutes when my friend comes, I'll return my old one to the company.  Truthfully; I'm too scared to open the new box.  I can just see myself somehow destroying this one as well.

I haven't done any sewing/quilting for a few days.  I've been watching season one of "Royal Pains" that DH bought me.  My kids are with my FIL and I have the TV to myself for once.  I have one last disc and then I'll start season one of "White Collar".

I still have a British show called "Goodnight Sweetheart" that needs going through the first season.  I had to order it from England as it's an obscure show.  For some reason my region free DVD player doesn't convert this series very well.  I downloaded a program on my computer that converts PAL to NTSC and watch it that way.  I can also convert the show to MP4 to use on my iPad.  It comes out beautifully on my iPad.  Gotta love technology.