Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting A New Cutter

I talked with the Accuquilt Company today and they are sending me out a new cutter.  It should get here in a couple of days.  Their customer service dept has been really great to work with over the past week.  I'm hoping my cutter was just a fluke and I won't kill the one coming.  I've got mine packed up and ready to go once I get the return order number emailed.  I'm wondering if I killed the 1.5 inch die because of a faulty cutter.

Just because my experience has been iffy, check one out for yourself if think you want one.  Your best bet is to find a quilt store that has one to see how it works.  The 1.5 inch die makes accurate strips so easy and I know I've cut my cutting time for this log cabin quilt.

Fingers crossed that my new cutter will work great for a long time as several people have emailed me to say.