Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Sqeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

ROTFLOL! The Accuquilt company must despise me.  Well, at least they know my name very well now.

I got my new die set yesterday and went to work using it today.  It started out okay and then there's this HORRIBLE squeaking noise when you turn the handle.  Squeak, SQUEAK, groan, squeak as you send the die through.  Sigh.  I'm so cursed with this thing.

For as much as I paid for it, I figured I'd better call up to see how to grease the parts.  With my luck, I'd ruin the warranty by doing it wrong.

The lady was very sweet, knew who I was, and asked how the die was working.  I said great, but the cutter part is squeaking horribly and asked if there was a way to grease the part.  She put me on hold, came back and said I would need a new handle and was sending one out.  By the time I get done with this project, I'm going to have this thing completely rebuilt.  Good thing it's not my car engine right?

I'm really wondering if I should have bought the Studio if the home version isn't standing up to my apparent ability to kill the dies I have and now need to a have a new handle.

The only problem is that the Studio dies are horribly expensive and I have no place to even have the Studio set up.

Walmart won't send out my Shape Cutter Plus for a few more days.  I should have ordered directly from the regular site.  I figured the "site to store" option wouldn't take that long but it does.  



Rhonda said...

So sorry to hear that the handle is making noises but thank goodness someone was willing to help you and send out another. Good luck.

bettyp said...

Girl! your middle name is Bad Luck!!!!
I am kinda glad I didn't buy one!! Hope the handle works for you!

SewCalGal said...

AS I retired from a major computer manufacturer, I'm pretty familiar with the manufacturing process. Yeap...periodically there are hiccups and a small % of products have problems. But, the good news is AccuQuilt has a really super duper Customer Service policy and department. I'm sure they'll take good care of you. And I hope your GO! is soon no longer squeaky.

But I'll be curious how one replaces the handle on the GO! so maybe you can share insights when you do replace your handle.

I love my GO! and have used it heavily for almost two years. Continues to keep on ticking without any problems.