Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Apology

I have taken down the previous posting.  I'm sorry that I offended some people.  Please know that I really do love animals.  I wouldn't shoot my neighbor's dogs.  As a commenter posted, it's not their fault and I know that.  Both are good dogs and it breaks my heart to see what I would call abused and neglected happen to them.  If I was capable of adopting "Lucky" I would.  I don't have the health or the ability to care for him.

You also have to know that I live rurally.  There is no animal control or a humane society to make a report. The police figure they have better things to do than make my neighbors take care of their animals.  Most of the people here are farmers and hunt all owning guns.  It's how they feed their families beside farming.  My frustrations are not meant for posting about anyone's feelings on gun control either.  There are plenty of forums to argue over that topic.  

I don't own a gun (BB or otherwise) and don't plan on it.  I don't hunt nor feel the need for a gun.  Guns don't solve problems.  They just create more.

I've put up with "Lucky" for two years barking across the street day and night.  All of the neighbors are fed up but there isn't really anything they can do.  Now that "Lucky" is right next to my window it's unbearable.  Add in the other dog crapping in my yard and barking along with "Lucky" when he's outside, I lost my cool today.

For anyone that deals with dogs that bark all day/night I'm sure you understand the frustration of not really being able to do anything.

Tomorrow I'll make a formal complaint (not that it will do any good) and let it go from there.  I promise there will be no shooting of any dogs.

I was shocked when the husband told me it was okay to shoot "Lucky".  I wish there was a way to make this work out better for the sanity of the dogs and all of us neighors that are fed up.  I really wish they would find a home for both out in the country where they can be loved and appreciated.  I don't get why people have animals and then refuse to care for them and let them bark all day/night.

I apologize for coming across as heartless or having people think I would actually shoot the dogs.


Linda said...

We all say things we don't really mean every now and then - especially when we're frustrated! A barking dog can certainly fray your nerves!
I don't own a gun either - and I live in Texas!

JoAnne said...

We once lived next door (I was just a kid) to a family who kept an Irish Setter chained in their yard and it barked and barked and barked. They called the police and the family brought the dog in--for about an hour, then he was back outside barking. And barking. My parent's tape recorded hours of it, but the police didn't care. No one has the right to ruin your life. I think most people would feel sorry for the dog b/c there is obviously a problem, but it is hard for you when you are so frazzled. Now days there are those "non barking" things you can buy and when the dog barks, it makes a tone the dog doesn't like. It would be an expense for you, but maybe it would help? I really feel bad for you, and while I read this morning's post, I sure didn't think you were really serious!

Stormy Days said...

Do you know of a rescue group who would take Lucky? Sometimes dogs just disappear and end up at a place where people will actually care about them.

Katie M. said...

I hope your formal complaint can help these dogs. It would be nice if you could find these dogs a home where someone cares about them.

Quiltingranny said...

Bethany, I certainly understand where you are coming from. Our neighbors get up and let their dogs out & they poop in our yard. Since we don't own a dog, I just scoop it up and toss it back into their yard, their dog, their poop! Their dogs are chained all day and most of the night and they bark, bark & bark. We tried the anti-bark things, don't waste your money. We are under animal control and his reply was for me to write a letter to the neighbor. I did and sent a copy to him and his chief. We can't enjoy an open window, our kids can't go out in their back yard or us on our deck. I understand it isn't the dogs fault...but something needs to be done. With ours, I video taped the dogs going after neighbor kids and that kept them in for about a week. We also have an aggressive Pit Bull behind us, but since my husband told the guy keep it on a leash or be outside with it all the time, they have been very good about it. I am praying for your situation, it isn't easy & never remove a post. People take things to literally, I would have offered to ship the dogs to them! Animal control told us to buy bear spray if the dogs come after us & as much as I dislike them I can't do it. It isn't their fault, the owners are idiots!

Amy :) said...

I had commented that it wasn't their fault, but I really did not mean for it to be offensive. I took your post for what it was and no more - pure frustration. I really do hope the authorities help! :)

Bethany said...

Amy, you weren't even close to offensive. :) Don't worry about anything.

Amy :) said...

Thank you, Bethany. :)