Monday, April 18, 2011

I am a genius.  At least for today.  I figured it out and made fusible web templates with my Cricut for "My Tweets" block four.

I checked to see if my practice pen and pen holder for my Cougar would fit into my Cricut.  It fit!  Well, at least it fit until the top of the pen hit against the left top of the Cricut.  The pen is flexible so it didn't mess up but after my test cut, I snipped off part of the top so it could slide easily.

Since the block is 14x14 and my mat is 12x12 I have to do the other bird and flowers on another sheet.  My Cougar could do it all except it doesn't work with Sure Cuts A Lot.  I have to do more editing in Make The Cut and for some reason the mat isn't as sticky on the Cougar.  It's also a pain to boot camp over to XP.  I'm so lazy.  Too bad I'm not enough of a genius to figure out how to make the Cougar work with SCAL2 and I don't think the owners of this software would appreciate me messing with it.

And I did remember to flip the design.  The pieces fit when I put them on top of the pattern.  I just need to fuse it all to the fabric.