Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Update For This Evening

Not much to say.  I did find a fabric site and ordered fat quarters.  I hope they work.

Since DH had the day off and it's New Release Tuesday, we headed to Lincoln to pick up "Tron" and "Tron Legacy".  They only had a couple copies of "Tron" on Blu-ray so we were glad to get one.

After that we headed to the machine dealer to see if my Topaz was ready.  The part still hasn't come in as it's backordered.  They've had it 3 weeks now.  Who knows when I'll get it back.

While there, I checked out Brother's TOL machine.  It has a CAMERA to see what you are doing.  I want that feature on my machine.  Way neato cool.  I'll keep my Ruby though.

The best part about today?

I got some of my flower bed weeded and de-treed.  I haven't been able to do garden work in 5 years because my back will go out just bending over to pull weeds.  With physical therapy and a chiro, I made it a half hour.  I quit so I wouldn't over do it.  It's a huge mess with overgrown weeds and small twig trees trying to grow.

I'll work some more tomorrow for about a half hour as well.