Monday, May 02, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Here is what is on my design wall:

Oops.  Wrong pic.  That's DH playing "Thor" in Walmart the other day.   

What's really on my design wall is block 4 of "My Tweets":

A couple of things:

1.  There is a mistake.  If you find it, do I fix it or leave it?

2.  Do I add light yellow centers to the flowers?

3.  That the yellow is light fabric and I have green stems showing through.  Any fixes?

The cool part of this was using my Cougar cutter to draw out the pieces on fusible webbing.  I haven't figured out how to cut fabric as of yet, but will try eventually.

To see more Design Wall Monday's check out Judy at Patchwork Times for more inspiration.


Anita said...

it's lovely. Considering that I have no idea what mistake you're speaking of...I say leave it. I think you just said there was one to confound me.
I like the flowers with the darker centers personally, it give the impression of depth, like you're actually looking at the throat of a flower.

Linda said...

I agree with Anita. If we can't find it, I would leave it, but if it will bother you from now on, then fix it.

Cathy said...

There is no such thing as a mistake. Just making the block your own, and your version is lovely. I'm currently working on the same block, and can't see what your variation is. I don't have any ideas what to do about the stems showing through, other than on your next block, trim them even with the edge of the patch they are going under.

Chris said...

What is it with guys playing in Walmart??? I have pics of my brother in law playing Ironman in the same way LOL

Cherie in St Louis said...

My vote is to leave it, whatever the mistake is because your block is lovely. If the stems showing through really, really bother you, you can unsew, trim the stem a tad bit shorter than your turn under edge. In the future, you'll need to use two layers of the top fabric to prevent the darker fabric from "shadowing" through.

Rabid Quilter said...

The Tweets are great but I LOVE your photo of Thor! LOL!

orkaloca said...

1- if the mistake is the leaf instead a flower on top I'd say fix it. If not, leave it :) this is your blok, so have to be "your way". That leaf is the only thing that "destabilize" my vision but hey this is just me and my opinion. :)

2- I like the flowers the way they are. :)

3- sometimes when I have this problem I put small pieces of white fabric between the stem and flower, just to hide the green behind the yellow.

Lizards aren't cuddly said...

Centre feather, bird on the right. Fix it, you will look at it forever!!!