Friday, May 13, 2011

It's been a horrible week. 

Biking has not been fun.  Something is "off" about my bike and I can't figure it out.  Since I'm not sure what I want anyway, I shouldn't complain.  I've used sewing machines enough to know that "off" means we aren't bonding.  It's not like you can just return a bike and get something else either. 

I'm sick of going 20 miles just to get something adjusted or another needed thing from the store almost every day.  I'm sick of helmets, shorts, shirts, and all the stuff you "need" while gone:  first aid (my daughter fell over and scraped her knee up pretty good.  Didn't have a band-aid), patch kit, tire pump, bike locks and where the crap are you going to put all this stuff on mountain bike?  I'm not about to ride with a backpack.  It's all I can do just to do a few hills. 

I hate Snow Leopard, Safari and I hate Flash even more.  Can't get them to work together.  I can't even type up a blog entry in Safari.  I shouldn't complain.  Windows sucks even more.

I'm ready to go on permanent vacation from everyone.  You want 3 fighting teenagers that are non stop all day?  They are all yours.  I shudder to think about summer.

I lost my needles for the cross stitch project.  That would mean another 20 miles up to another store for a small package of needles.

That same city that the bike and fabric store has rerouted everyone because of road work.  It takes forever going through the neighborhoods just to get by the 1/4 mile of roadwork they are doing. 

Frustrated that a few days after my son gets his bike, his friend's mom accidentally backed into the bike totaling it.  Bike shop says it's fixable, but it won't ride the same again.  Now I remember why I haven't ridden a bike in 17 years; they break easily and you can't afford the crap you need.

Hoping your kids don't make show choir since you don't really have the money to pay for all that crap because you just spent it on bikes, helmets and everything else.  Plus if I have to hear the audition song one more time, I'm going to duct tape them.  Hey..that might work for the fighting issues.

I'm going to take a nap.  I at least made it a mile and a half going up/down hills today.