Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remember my "Lucky" issues a few weeks ago?  He's done really good and isn't keeping the neighborhood awake anymore.  We've actually started to become friends since his kennel is now 2 inches from my property.  He's a pretty good dog and we've had a few good conversations.  He's starved for attention and loves any petting I give him.  Their other dog is stupid but I look into Lucky's eyes and see that's he's so intelligent and smart.

I not only have Lucky to talk too, but I found a stray cat that is living under my deck a few days ago.    I've known something lived under there as you can see the openings, but I figured it was a rabbit.  It wasn't until I caught part of the tail and realized it was a cat.  I put some food out and the cat came out inhaling food.  When it caught sight me, it froze and carefully made it's way back under the deck.

He or she's fairly shy but has let me pet and take a picture of him/her today  I've told the kids that this cat stays outdoors.  They want to name it, but then that means you get attached to it and want to bring it inside.   He/she could really use a bath and it's fur brushed out.  It's probably full of fleas and who knows what else.  Do not get attached.


Katie M. said...

I love Lucky's face! It's like he's smiling for you and so glad to have found a friend.