Saturday, May 14, 2011

I had a breakthrough moment yesterday while on a date with DH.  When you order a glass of water instead of a soda at dinner, something is up.  It's called severe caffeine withdrawal.  Why have I been a mess the past week?  Little to NO caffeine and not as much sugar intake would make anyone turn into a monster.  That also explains the bad headaches and wanting to sleep all day.  

Gasp.  I even ate a banana or two the other day.  I hate bananas, or thought I did.  I even made a PB and J sandwich yesterday.  I don't like bread but it tasted wonderful.  All the foods I thought I hated suddenly taste incredible and a lot of the junk food I normally go for don't.  I hope it stays that way.

I bought a pair of clipless pedals today for my bike.  My shoes should come in end of next week.  They have "cleats" that click into the pedals for better efficiency.  The pedals also flip over for regular shoe use.

I'm still wheezing up the hills, but DH went with me today and I did better.  The hills really make biking frustrating.

On the sewing end I'm still working on the cross stitch:

You can see the path, part of the basket/roses and part of her skirt.


Anita said...

There have been times where I have told my sweetie in no uncertain terms that he needs to get his caffeine/sugar fix or else! Not very supportive of me but dire times and all that.
I hope the trend continues, good luck on those hills. You make me want to go get bikes for the family.
(And your cross stitch looks lovely too.)

Teresa said...

Hang in there! The diet and exercise changes will come with time. Don't be frustrated, you're doing it for a better you! I'll be waiting to hear when you need new tires because you've worn them out :)