Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whoever designed biking shorts didn't take fat people into consideration.  Actually; 99% of the population don't belong in them either.  Spandex is a great invention, just not realistic.

Riding in jeans is a pain so I thought I'd pick up some shorts.  I wasn't looking for true biking shorts as I know they cost a fortune and I'm just riding around town, not going for a marathon.  I looked at basic excerise shorts.  Again; exercise clothing was not designed for fat people.  No wonder we all sit around.  We'd look like fools walking or running.

My kids love basketball shorts so I thought I'd try on a pair. If I wanted a tent, I'd head to the sporting good section.  Small on top and huge as they go down.

Capris of any kind looked terrible with the same problem as basketball shorts.  Companies assume that if you have a large waist, your calves must be that fat as well.

I really hadn't tried on the true biking shorts and wondered if I should swallow some pride and try on a pair.  Then I thought, if I fall off my bike, 70 dollar shorts aren't going to save me.  Not that basketball shorts would either, but those are easily replaced.

I finally went to my local sporting shop.  She's really nice and carries all the high school sporting needs.  Maybe I might get lucky or she'll tell me that it's hopeless and bring me down gently.  She does stuff for the local kids, not adults.

I explain what I'm doing and she goes over to the women's shorts and brings me back a pair.  I look at the size and I think there's no way I'm going to fit into a 16/18.  I haven't been that size in years, but I give it a shot just to make her feel better.

They fit.  Not kidding.  They slimmed down to the knee perfectly.  No muffin top or riding down low went I bent over (you know you don't want to see skin while driving behind a biker).  They are perfect.  If she'd had more, I would have bought them all.

Thank you Nike for making this fat woman feel like a person again.

Before you think I'm degrading myself, I am at least 50lbs overweight.  If I could get to 175 (where I should be) I'd be so happy.  I don't think losing that much weight will happen this summer.  I also think I have great looking legs.  It's the middle that needs help.

I'd show you a pic but the shorts are in the wash and you'd go blind seeing my white pastelike legs.



Trish said...

If you don't think biking will help you lose weight, check out this blog.


This woman is one heck of a success story, and it all started with her Hello Kitty pink bike.

Linda said...

I'm so glad you found the shorts. I would have been tempted to wear the biker shorts with the basketball shorts OVER them!