Thursday, June 09, 2011

DH was very sweet to me and let me vent away all my frustrations.

I don't hate camping.  I hate camping in group settings because everything goes FUBAR.  I can rough it as necessary.  I'm not scared to get my hands dirty nor will I shrink off to get out of work.  After riding a bike for about 5 weeks I can even eat bugs and can almost tell what kind by it's taste.  Dust is another fine delicacy.  Rocks are a little more gritty.

What I wish is that our ward had some kind of camp bucket with all the necessary items like group cookware, soap, towels, cooking utensils and other supplies that will be needed every year.  I hate the begging for stuff I think should be part of what the ward should aready have.  I'll help you out with that goal since it makes the ward more self sufficient.  I feel my 90 bucks should really go for those items and so should the budget for Girl's Camp.

If my ward does this, make sure to buy real utensils.  The dollar potato pealers suck and dull knives are a danger.   Oh, wait, I'm smart enough to bring my own real sharp utensils.  As quilters, we know the value of good tools so I wish ward leaders would have the same idea.  If all else fails, I can use my rotary cutter as a knife.  

I'd like to see the ward have required goal items already available.  I shouldn't have to buy a hatchet, yards of rope or other stuff every year for each of my girls.  Steal some from the Scout cabinet.

I've learned from experience that most leaders give you this, "you're rocking the boat" look when I bring up more organized ideas like this.  The hard part is while I have what I think are great ideas, I don't always have the ability to follow through with things because of being bipolar.  Great ideas, bad follow through is my biggest bipolar weakness.  At some point it all crashes down making you look inept.

I did tell the leaders that I'm not driving.  They already knew I wouldn't.  I just had horrible visions of being told that I should do this as they don't have enough drivers.  Even DH was adament that if I was asked, he'd be the one to tell them NO.

I'm heading back to bed now.


Deb said...

Hi Bethany!
I feel for you!! While I am not bipolar, I have depression, I have some of the same difficulties...I can see the problems. I have creative ideas. I don't have the energy for follow through. I am so sorry camping has been such a crummy experience for you and your daughters. My sons were Cub/Boy Scouts and talk about organization. Oh my gosh! It was wonderful. I am the camper parent in the family, not my husband, so I took the boys. But, even with organization, it was work for the parents, but it was worth it when the boys had such a great time. Of course, in Cub Scouts, the boys can't go camping without a parent--so the parent's HAVE to participate!!

I see on your profile you live in Nebraska. Me too!! I live in Bellevue, just outside Omaha.

Deb from