Sunday, June 26, 2011

I went downstairs to the basement, dumped out my fabric and amazingly found all the fabric for that bargello quilt.  So..after several days and 6 years later, here it is:

This was actually my first bargello attempt.  I was so overwhelmed towards the end and I had messed up my color scheme that I put it away.  The light purple was supposed to be the dominant color where the "light" blue is now.  Now I love it the way it is.  Cheater me says add a small black border and bind it in black.   Or just bind it in black and have done with it.

To be honest, I have been quilted out for some time.  My machine has pretty much stayed off, I haven't purchased any fabric, read any magazines, gone through blogs or visited stores.  I just overwhelmed myself at the beginning of the year and fighting depression/mania hasn't helped.

What has helped is cycling.  My self-esteem has increased, I'm getting exercise, I may have lost some weight, or at least some inches, and spent more money than I ever dreamed I would on cycling.  It was just going to be a basic bike and ride around. I have hit every bike shop in Lincoln, bought saddles, shoes, helmets, clothing and tools.  If this is a manic fad, at least it's been a fun one.

My Trek Madone 4.7:

I don't know how much she weighs, but I can lift her with one hand.   The green saddle is a test saddle.  If I like it after a week, I can buy one, just not in green.

My Trek Mamba Women's 29er:

A 29er is a mountain bike with 29 inch inch tires.  The only problem with where I live is the lack of mountain bike trails.  The closest you can get is racing down the back alleys of town at 15 mph, hit the one foot drop off at the end, land in the street, and nearly crash into the bushes of the driveway you plowed into after crossing the street.  If you are really lucky, there will be two guys watching the entire show from their lawn chairs.  Anyone want to do it again?

Even DH has gotten into this cycling thing.  I got him this Electra Rat Fink for Father's Day and he adores it.  Every guy wants a chopper bike, even at 42.


JenniferB said...

I love the bargella quilt and I think it would look fantastic bordered in black or purple -- you have a great eye for this!