Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I got some more blocks done on my log cabin quilt.  I still can't find my "b" bag with a zillion pink pieces.  I really don't want to cut out more, but I may have too.

I have discovered that cyclists (I guess you can't say bikers..it's derogatory) are some of the most obnoxious  people ever.  It's probably from all the doping they claim they don't do.  I quit going on some of the forums as they aren't worth my time.  

I solved my problem of streets by adding another bike.  I'll keep my red one for the back roads and my new one for the streets:

I wish it came in red, but all the other hybrids came in various shades of gray and had ugly frames.  I can't ride a true street/racing bike so this was perfect for the roads.  If I understand this right, hybrids have a mountain bike frame with street tires.  I thought about customizing it with metallic purple so it's not all black, but I think I'll keep it this way.  Alex, the guy at the bike store, said that lime green would be perfect, but he could order me purple parts.  

DH wants me to get one of these to cruise around town with him since my bikes go too fast.  He likes this pink one from the same company he bought his Townie from.

Errr..does it come in red?

All it needs is a white basket and streamers to set off the entire look.  Oh..and a bell.



onlymehere said...

So how many bikes is this now? I love the last retro bike but I'd want it in another color too. My future son-in-law is a cyclist too but he's never corrected me when I've called him a biker! I plan on getting a bike from the store he works at later after my son gets home from his mission. Maybe for mother's day next year. Glad you found a bike to make you happy.

Linda said...

The quilt is coming along!
Another bike! You're really getting into this!