Thursday, June 02, 2011

I finally started working again on the log cabin quilt.  Somehow I've lost a bag of pink fabric labeled "b".  If you have to see it, please send it back to me.  I'll have to do another search.

It doesn't look like I've done much, but each block takes forever to make.  My new Ruby machine doesn't have the same stitch as my Topaz which sucks.  You'd think the higher end machine would have more stitch width/length options.  I may have to pull out the Topaz to piece these blocks.

I made it 7 miles on last Sunday on my bike.  New record for me.  I told myself I wasn't walking my bike the last couple of miles and kept plodding along.  I didn't want to walk with clipless shoes and pushing a bike.

After my whining post, I took my bike up to a store in Lincoln.  I bought different tires and added different handles  I don't speak professional bike but they are much better than the ones that came with my bike:

You can see the new tires.  They don't work as well on the gravel roads but I made 31mph down the hill coming home the other day instead of 18 mph.  That was a high making the speed limit.

I've gotten more confident with riding and even looked at a street bike the other day.  I really liked it, but worry about my lack of experience.

I am proud that I haven't found a way to destroy the bike so far.  The Specialized company doesn't need to hire me for beta testing yet.

What I do like is that you can customize your bike.  You can't do that with a sewing machine and that would be cool.  If I don't like how the bobbin case works, you can buy another.  If you hate the take-up lever, get another one that does work.  That would revolutionize the sewing machine world.

I better go find that bag.  I know it's in the last place I put it.


Barb said...

What an awesome quilt....that is alot of miles on your bike...

Linda said...

Your quilt is going to be beautiful!!!
I love the idea of customizing your sewing machine!!!