Monday, September 12, 2011

Cricut Leaves

With all the leaves needed for the "My Tweets" quilt I started playing around with my Cricut cutter and my now banned software.  I don't know if "Sure Cuts A Lot" still has the Cricut on it.  "Make the Cut" no longer has Cricut supported so if you are thinking of doing this for yourself, buy another cutter.

Now that I sort of understand how the software program works, I was able to get the leaves drawn out on fusible webbing.  I should have taken photos of the screen, but didn't think about it.  A few minutes later I have leaves.  What I didn't realize is that I messed up the top row and had to hand draw them out.  If you are more coordinated than I am with this kind of software and have a cutter (just put a pen or pencil in) it's worth it.  

Actually, if you have a leaf set you could probably easily draw out leaves that are similar or exactly like the ones in your blocks.