Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doc Visit

I went to the doc today to see why I'm so exhausted.  I'm fed up with not having any energy, hot flashes, being completely sore everywhere and feeling like crap.  He took 4 vials of blood and is checking for mono, thyroid issues, diabetes and some other stuff.  Mono is going around the schools right now and I have had teenagers in my house all summer and in/out a couple of times a week now that school has started.  The good part is that my blood pressure is at 113 over something so cycling is helping.

Sigh.  The LBS has some new bikes in.  Walk away.  Walk away.  You don't have any money right now and you have wonderful bikes.  Dang.  I had no idea cycling was this addictive.  It's almost as bad as quilting.  I almost spent 120 dollars on white tires for my Trek 1.2 bike.  Yup.  Tires can be expensive.  I figured I'd save those for completing something special like 500 miles or something like that.

There is a reason why cyclists wear such dorky clothing as I realized after riding my Madone to the pharmacist the other day.  It's to save your butt from all the bumps and cracks in the streets.  I have several pairs but still feel like a dork using them and hate to use them just to ride a mile up to the store.  They make underclothing for regular pants/shorts so you aren't always stuck in dorky black cycling shorts but still wanted to make a quick trip.

Apparently I have been noticed around town riding my bikes as I was in a restaurant and had people ask where my bike was today as they didn't see it out front.  I was using my car as I had the doc appt and needed to get gas for it.  I try really hard not to be a bad cyclist and scare cars so I hope I'm not.

Hopefully I hear from the doc soon.  I'd really like some answers.


Barb said...

Hope you hear from the doc soon....