Monday, September 19, 2011

The Rules

Feeling so much better after the weekend.  Colds nearly kill me.  They always have.  I could get the flu and sail through without too much pain, but a cold will knock me out for a week.

I rode my Madone a mile today to get the cycling itchies out of the way.  I've missed her.

Dear Cats:

I do NOT need your help while quilting.  That means:

1.  Stay off the foot pedal.  It's not a sleeping pad.

2.  Getting into the drawers looking for bobbins is forbidden.  The two of you fight over them causing growls and nasty looks.  I need them more than you do anyway.

3.  Paws are forbidden near the needle.  I know it's fascinating but believe me, it hurts to have it go through your finger..errr your paw.  All vet bills will be charged to your food account.

4.  Dumping my project onto the ground to sleep on is also forbidden.  So is dragging it around looking for a better place to put it.

All cats who do not follow the aboves rules will be banished to the bedroom where I will ignore your pathetic but loud pleas to come out.  Banging the door will help not your cause.  Your safety and my sanity are more important.  

The Lady That Feeds You

I did get some satin stitching done despite "help".