Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Nothing from the doc yet.

DH and I took our bikes out Saturday and rode around the city.  A whole 4 miles..LOL.  We stopped off at the LQS and I came home with this:

He really liked the dragonfly pattern and I chose out the fabrics.  At JoAnn's I found the shimmery fabric for the wings and picked up the wavy blade to cut the strips.  I'd like to keep working on my "Tweets" blocks for now so I don't know when I'll start the this project.

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On the cycling part of my life, I found my missing book in the garage.  I've been looking for it for a couple of weeks and yesterday I remembered that I took measurements of my bike to check the fitting.  I had no idea how complicated cycling really is if you want to go farther than a few miles.

Here's my growing collection:

Most cycling books are racing/training related and I'm way to slow and I don't care about racing anyway.   I plug along at 10mph and hope I don't fall off or crash into something along the way.  I do have a mountain bike book on my Kindle that is actually really good if you are lucky enough to have mountains nearby.

I suck on mechanics despite the books.  I hate dragging my bike up to the shop to have him adjust my brakes or something silly like that.  I get the idea, but the couple of times I've tried, I just made the problem worse.  At least I get free help for a year.  At least you can buy books on fixing a bike unlike the sewing machine trade where it's a huge secret and conspiracy.

I need to clean up my bikes today and see if my Y-11 is out of comission.

I looked at some cold weather clothing yesterday.  Somehow the thought of tights down to my ankles makes me feel more embarrased than I do on regular cycling shorts.


Barb said...

It is nice that you both have a hobby to share your purchase!