Friday, February 10, 2012

Really Cold

It's 1pm on Friday and no phone call.  My house is down to 60 degrees from 71.  He said he'd call when the part came in.  I REALLY don't want to spend the weekend without a real heater.  We aren't stuck, it's just frustrating.

My kids have been spending the nights at friend's houses.  I'm grateful that people are willing to do that.

Tomorrow DH is taking me to Lincoln for Valentine's Day.  It may not be a date if the house is cold though.  LOL.  I told him not to worry about flowers.  While I'd' LOVE some, I refuse to spend 60 dollars on them.   Plus my cats have a love of rose leaves and will munch on them all day.  It's not worth the chasing or the squirt bottle over roses.  Any one else's cat adore rose leaves?

I was talking to the bike mechanic on Wednesday about tandem bikes.  He has one coming in a few weeks.  He showed it to me and it's based off DH's Trek Navigator.  DH fell in love immediately with the picture online.

Not sure I want to do the tandem thing.  After all, how do you get it out to a trail in Lincoln?  It's not going to fit in my SUV and I don't think they make bike racks for one.  If they do, it will cost a fortune. gas guy came just now!!  Maybe I will have heat today!