Monday, February 06, 2012

"My Tweets" Do Over

I finally have a quilt post.

I'm not quite sure what happened with the "My Tweets" size blocks.  All I know is I messed up.  First response was to make the center bigger so I added borders.  Her directions then said I could cut the blocks down.  Okay.  I sized two blocks and realized that I screwed up this one.  I looked at the others and figured I'd have the same problem on several more.  The only option was to start over on the center panel and make it the size I missed when the package was sent.


My heart just hasn't truly been in it.  I got this far and I just want to shove the entire project into the closet.  The worst part about these patterns are the feathers.

At least I didn't have the center panel done with the satin stitching.  I just hope I have enough fabric to finish.  


cottonreel said...

My friend bluebell printed this pattern and passed it to me knowing I like applique . It does look daunting and on such large blocks it's difficult if you make an error
I do think what you have done so far looks fine . I like the colours you have chosen

Lindy said...

Wow this is so pretty there is no way I could do such detailed work.