Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Card

I am actually pretty reclusive.  The idea of giving crafty cards and other fancy papers seemed better suited for people who truly have a lot of friends and more exciting lives.  While I know lots of people, I'm not really part of their lives.  If you are bipolar, you'll understand.

Until today.

My neighbor just had a baby boy and she teaches my son's honor choir.  It's her first baby and I had this brilliant idea of making a card.  I have a cutter.  I have paper.  I have MTC and SCAL.  This should be easy.  I was up in Lincoln today and found a simple boy sticker set and knew I wanted it.


I knew what I wanted.  Nothing silly or childish.  You know, the diapers, onsies, bottles, safety pins, and rattles.  I wanted a classy card that was sweet.  I scoured the internet.  Nothing.  Everything was the usual sickly sweet.

DD saw what I was doing, grabbed some paper, the sticker set and my manual paper cutter.  In a few minutes she had a card up and going.  It's gorgeous.  Sigh.  I make things much harder than it really is.

She'd taken my Sizzix BigKick, used an embossing die to do two pieces of paper, glued them together, and put the sticker set on top.  She then glued that to the paper card.  Wow.

I figured I could do the center.  I wanted "Congratulations" as I didn't know what else to say.  I pulled up MTC and went through the fonts.  Nothing.  I recalled that MTC can import fonts from the internet.  I did some looking and found the perfect font.  I typed up "Congratulations" on the screen, put a pen in the CTSNBN (cutter that shall not be named) and it went to work.

So...  here it is!  My first ever card!

The inside:


Yup.  I claim the inside.  Stickers and everything.  DD claims the front.  It's PERFECT.


Marcia said...

Beautiful! The two of you make a great team!!!!