Friday, March 16, 2012

Exercised Induced Asthma?

I've been slowly working on my hand appliqué.  I'd put a picture up, but you wouldn't know the difference from the last picture.  It's slow going and I hate inside "v"s.  It's killing me and my short attention span isn't helping.

BTW, Bandit is doing amazing.  He's back to being hyper and into everything he can find.


I went for a walk the other day around the track and realized my knee was hurting after a mile.  I hadn't really felt up to getting on a bike lately but it's been to nice to not do something.  I went to the doc today and the first thing he asked is if it was bike related.  LOL.  

I've stretched a ligament on the side of the knee.  It's nothing serious as I have full range of motion and nothing is out of place.

The last time I got on a bike I was so exhausted and asked the doc about it.  I wondered if I had exercised induced asthma since it doesn't get any better during the ride and I'm about ready to give up and sell my bikes.  It's not worth the gasping and if I'm really that out of shape, I need something less stressful.

He wrote a script for an inhaler and sent me on my way.  About 10 minutes before leaving for a ride, I took a couple of puffs and got ready to ride my bike.

I got started up the hill and realized I was doing good.  No coughing or gasping.  I made it to the main highway and was still doing good.  I turned left and went down the highway.  Whatever they put in that stuff is amazing.  I made it 6 miles without feeling sick, nauseated, dizzy or wanting to die of exhaustion.  I wasn't choking on my water as I drank either and made it home in one piece.  I was breathing hard..but normal hard.  It was amazing!

For the first time since riding a bike I could work on gearing, cadence (how fast you pedal) and relaxing my feet.  Yes, I dig my toes in and hold on for dear life when I ride.  I really need cycling shoes but I can't work with them without falling over yet.

And my energy level has improved!  I'm not walking around the house wishing for a nap.  Hopefully this is the answer to my exhaustion and I can enjoy being outside on a bike.