Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If it's not my knee, it's my hip when I exercise.  I'm beginning to think any form of athletics is beyond my abilities.  I don't even want to be truly athletic, just enough to keep from having a heart attack or from giving the health insurance industry all my money.  I'd like my demise to be either painless or I go out in style that is instantaneous.  Falling over dead from a long term medical condition isn't allowed and I will carry a sign at the Pearly Gates in protest if it happens.

Of course my hip/back goes out on a Sunday afternoon while innocently turning to talk to my husband.  This time the pain goes down my hamstrings around the lower back and waist.  This is new.  I also felt something in the back move.  By the evening, I'm dying of pain.  Every movement has me almost crying.  I refuse to give the ER any of my money, take a couple of Vicodin and wait for the morning.  The ER is just going to give me pain meds, charge me a fortune and send me home.  

On Monday, I see the regular doc to make sure the muscles are okay and head over the chiropractor.  I told him what had happened and wondered if the bike ride the other day had been the culprit.  He said it hadn't and that I'd already rotated the hip beforehand.  This time the sacrum had rotated inward behind the hip which is why the pain was in a different location.  A couple of quick pushes and immediately all the pain is gone.  Go figure.

Both docs said not to quit cycling or walking, but I'm tired of my left hip rotating and if my sacrum is joining in on the fun, I'm doomed.  Stupid SI joints.