Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have several pet peeves about advertising and unfortunately "Quilter Blogs" or I guess it's now has started doing it.  I HATE moving/animated advertisements of all kinds.  I don't want them splashed across a page or following me as I scroll down the screen.  The second worst kind of ads are the flashing ones especially if they are colored. The last thing I need as I have epilepsy is flashing ads.

I have no problem with stationary ads as long as they are relevant to the blog.  Why do perfectly good sites start doing stupid things like stalking ads following you down as you read?


The asthma inhaler is AMAZING!!!!  There is a difference between out of shape breathing and exercised induced asthma.  If you feel like you are still dying despite all you've done for your exercise, ask a doc about it.  My self-esteem has soared knowing that I'm not a pathetic loser on a bike.  This year is for having FUN and going fast.

YES!!!  I made 20 miles yesterday on the bike trail!!!  10 miles up and 10 miles back and no gasping, dying or wanting to puke.  The last 6 miles were killers as I was fighting the wind but my air supply was going strong.  No wonder people love cycling.  I'm a little sore but it's the good kind.  I took today off and may do some walking tomorrow to let my muscles heal.

My LBS let me borrow some new to me tires to try out, Bontrager XR1 racers and they are amazing on the crushed limestone/dirt trail.  The problem is they are 100 dollars a set.  Errr....Maybe.

Bike tires are completely perplexing to me.  I get that different treads help the bike do more on the surface they are on, but that's about it.  I'm guessing it's like finding the right needle for the job except there are no explanations of the different treads for newbies.  Yeah...I'll take that set..

My bike mechanic has left me for a job in Colorado.  He's fixed my tires, adjusted everything on a bike, listened to me whine about how I suck, ordered everything I wanted with ease and put up with all my pestering questions.  I wish him the best and he will be sorely missed.