Friday, November 16, 2012

Bike Shops Are Evil

After getting most of the "My Tweets" blocks fused and almost satin stitched, I finally got out on my fat bike the other day up to Wilderness Park in Lincoln.   Just like quilt LQS, I had to check out my favorite LBS.  Sigh.  Too. Much. Stuff.  Good thing cycling crap is all overpriced so it was easy to walk out except for this temptation:

But I already have a fat bike right?   
My problem is my bike is too big.  I've just dealt with it and tried to tweak it as much as I can to "make" it fit.  It's not a huge problem on the road, but it is on a mountain bike trail.  The hardest part is the stand over clearance.  I just barely fit over and that's not really safe.  The reach becomes a problem on hills.

The 9:zero:7 has a much lower top tube and I can get the frame (comes in frame only) in my size.  Then I can move over all the parts on my Mukluk and have a bike that actually "fits".  The problem?  The frame and fork (not the one pictured here) are 800 dollars.  I could sell my Fargo hoping to get enough, but I like that bike too.  In reality it isn't happening unless some kind of miracle happens.

Yup.  Bike shops are evil.