Monday, November 19, 2012

Swanson and Tranquility Park

Saturday was beyond fun.  Since I had gas to blow a trip to Omaha for the bike parks was in order.  Two teenagers, myself, food to feed them and three bikes in tow headed up to Swanson and Tranquility.  

We unloaded the bikes and headed out on the trail.  Swanson was a blast because of all the roots, hills and dips.  This was the first trip with the Mukluk and she did amazing.  I did my first skinny bridge without the railing (you better decide which side you'll fall off of before you cross), made it up hills I hadn't been able to before, and hit some serious speeds on the downhills.  The hills aren't steep, but there are a lot of them.  

Since we finished up Swanson and the kids hadn't been to Tranquility we headed over there.  I've been there once on a Monday Night Ride so I was familiar with where I'd been.  Somehow I managed to find myself going on trails I hadn't been on before with longer, steeper hills and lots of twists of turns.  It wasn't until I hit the pine trees that I knew where I was.  

Again, Mukluk rocked the trails.  I hit the berms (curve with high sides) going down the hills with ease and was able to do turns without braking the entire time.  The only thing I wouldn't do is a steep mound of dirt with a tight turn back up the mound.  I don't have the physical strength or turning ability on the Mukluk to do it.  I wasn't about to try the top of the hill stuff either.  

My cardio still sucks as I'd have to stop and catch my breath for about 5 minutes at a time.  If it wasn't for the stops, I'd have some serious time put in.  

The only thing that has totally baffled me is how I had the strength and flexibility to do all of this.  I went out Wednesday and practically cried the entire way back to the car.  Friday I got my Fargo fixed and headed up to the LQS.  I was in agony going up the 1/2 mile hill to the store.  Friday night it hit me that my fibromyalgia had flared up and took an Aleve and a muscle relaxer.  Muscle relaxer had to be why.  I'm always stiff on bike rides and never thought that it could be the fibromyalgia causing the setbacks.  I think you get used to the muscles being sore that you forget how bad it really is.

Had a great time with the boys even though they left me but my confidence has improved immensely and so have my skills.  Get out and ride a bike!