Friday, November 16, 2012

Wilderness Trail Ride

Here's my trip to Wilderness Park:

I did 10 miles of single track and this trip it was physically exhausting.  I lowered my psi to 5 instead of my usual 25psi for road.  The lower the psi the more grip your tire has but it means you have to work harder to keep the bike moving.  The handling of the bike was improved, but my legs were protesting.

I still chickened out on this part of the trail.  It's much steeper than it looks and if you don't cross the rocks just right, you'll probably end up going over the bars.  I just have more to live for at 37.  Now if I was close to my death bed and it didn't matter, maybe.

From Drop Box

By the time I crawled back to the beginning of the trail I realized I just had to get across the other creek bed.  I've done it once, but nearly fell off the bike when my legs gave out going up the hill and nearly landed on the top tube.  The bike really is too big.

Here's the other creek:

From Drop Box

I came down from the back, sucked up the leg pain, prayed I would make it, crossed the creek and almost cleared the hill back up.  I was so close.  I'm not ready to cross from where I was standing when I took the picture because of the last two rocks in the back.  They stick up and I have horrible visions of the front wheel bouncing up and getting knocked off.

It was a great day.  I know for some people crossing those creeks would be so easy, but for me it's a feat of courage.


Judy said...

Way to go!! It can be really tough trail riding. The little wooden bridges with no rails get to me and I have the hardest time rolling over them.
Keep riding,