Sunday, November 25, 2012

"My Tweets" Top and "Seam Fix" Ripper

I'm sorry for the bad picture, but it's the best I could do.  Here's the top for "My Tweets".  I'm still cutting out the center pieces but hope to have a finished top w/o the borders soon.

My LQS happened to have some new fancy seam ripper that is supposed to clean out the threads after you rip out the threads.  It's called "Seam Fix" and I figured "What the heck" and bought one.

This product has two obvious major flaws that the person designing it should have figured out before mass production.  Flaw one is that it's entirely round and rolls off the table.  Flaw two is that you can't put the cover on the end of the ripper so you don't lose the top.  Highly annoying.  The seam ripper part isn't any different than the ones I already own.  However; the top and end of the handle section do a pretty good job of getting the threads out of the way.  Is it worth the purchase?  That's up to you.  The design flaws drive me crazy so I don't really use it.  I figure I should tape a toothpick or something flat to the ripper so it doesn't roll around.

Easiest way to rip seams?  Your rotary cutter.  However; if you are prone to cutting yourself or don't feel comfortable doing that, get a seam ripper of some kind.  Masking tape works just as fast or faster to get rid of the frayed ends.