Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Any Runners Out There? Sore Feet?Neuroma

I saw a podiatrist a little over a week ago about my feet being so painful.  He said that the soft tissue around the balls of my feet are swollen and it's irritated the nerves.  He called it a neuroma and gave me an anti-inflammatory med and some insoles.  I've just dealt with the pain all summer until recently when it's hurt so bad I figured it I probably should see someone.  I've just figured it was part of fibromyalgia so never really questioned the pain.  Doc said to keep doing what you do and don't rest or you won't know if anything is helping.

I did just fine with the weekend trip and did three miles of walking yesterday and had some pain, but nothing torturous.  Today all I could do was half a mile and my feet said no more.  Again, not as painful but it's hurting.  I did try running which didn't help.

I've been looking at some different shoes, but don't know what to look for.

Anyone else deal with this?  I love riding my bike but it's hard to pedal with the pain and obviously walking/running is just as bad.

Doc said the other option was to get shots and the last resort was surgery.  



imquilternity said...

I've got the same problem and two years ago found a pair of Nike athletic shoes that allow me to walk pain-free. I bought three pair and have been wearing them faithfully ever since. The only problem is that I still can't wear any other shoes or the pain comes back. I tried the shot and didn't find that it gave me any relief. I say just look for a good, comfortable, padded pair of shoes that you can wear ALL the time! It's not very "trendy" in terms of fashion, but I would rather be able to walk! :)) Good luck!