Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Tile Project!

I have always loved the idea of putting designs on tiles.  It looks elegant and thoughtful.  While I was up in civilization I picked up a couple of tiles from Menards and hubby wanted some sticky back cheapie tiles thinking he could put a frame around it and stick the vinyl to the back of the frame.

I headed over to JoAnn's but they were out of black vinyl.  I didn't have time to get out to the other stores as they are located all over Lincoln but figured I'd just order some via Amazon.

Then I remembered I have a store in town that does signs, embroidery and other stuff.  Maybe they'll have something I can buy.  Sure enough, he sold me enough vinyl to make four 12x12 tiles.  Sweet!

I came home, cut the sheet into four pieces and went online to see how it's done.  Now my Cougar cutter is industrial usage and they figure you know what settings you need but I don't.  I figured I'd pull out my Cricut as it's simple.  All you do with a Cricut is change a couple of settings, push the button and off it goes.

The idea is you cut the vinyl, not the paper, take off the vinyl you don't need, put transfer tape on the design and move the design to the tile.  Ummm...I don't have transfer tape, but I do have painter's tape and that's meant to come off easily.

I cut out the design and took off what I didn't need:

Then I put strips of blue painter's shape over the vinyl and pressed it down carefully over the design:

In order to get the design on the fake tile I did it at 11 inches, drew a half inch border around the tile, cut notches in the four corners up by the black border for placement and carefully put it down on the tile.  You can see the notch at the top right corner.  I pressed the design into the tile to get out the air bubbles and then I carefully pulled off the tape a strip at a time.

The finished project:

Now the Cricut cut the bottom flower funny and cut notches in the flowers.  I don't know how to edit the pattern to make it look neater but it was a practice piece. There are a couple of air bubbles and I crinkled up one of the corners.  Usually once it's down and you screw up, you're out of luck.

I'd love to tell you to get a Cricut for Christmas, but software no longer exists to make your own designs.  However; there are several companies that have given Provo Craft the finger and made their own.