Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilter's ADHD and X0 Bike Shifters

Yup.  We all have it.  That lack of attention span to finish up projects and then end up with PIGS in our house.  Of course ADHD hit in with two projects at the same time; "My Tweets" and "Red December".  There's no warning either with Quilter's ADHD as it just hits hard and fast and you find yourself looking at another project.  At least this time it was a PIG.

Here's what has had my attention for about two weeks now.  I started the project a couple of years ago,  got frustrated instead of ADHD and shoved it back in the closet.  I wish I could say all of this was started two weeks ago, but it hasn't.  Cross stitch is SLOW going.  This project has a LOT of two thread strands, meaning you have two different colored thread in one needle.  Had I known this before I bought the project, I probably wouldn't have purchased it.  Also the grass threads are so close together it's easy to get lost despite having your grid marked.  This won't be done anytime soon.  The ruffles on the bottom of her dress are so intricate it's amazing how the designer even came up with it.    


Last post was a whine about bike shifters.  In fact I was so frustrated with the bike I contemplated selling it.  It's too big, bulky, heavy and overwhelming at times on the trails.  The point of twist shifters was so that you could use gloves during the winter as trigger shifters (you use your thumb/fingers to press on the levers) would get stuck with the cold and possibly not work.  I get that.  Given that I wanted to keep the X7 derailleurs (parts that shift the chain over the cogs and chain rings) I had limited myself to SRAM components.  I had looked at two shifter sets, the X9 and the XO grip shifts but they were expensive and I wasn't even sure if they'd be any easier to use than the X7s.

If I sold the bike, I'd need, okay, want another mountain bike and started looking through manufacturer's web sites.  I'm smart enough now to know my components and what I want.  Nada.  Nothing appealed to me.  I just kept thinking of my Mukluk.  Stupid bike.  Just sell the bike and be done with the love/hate relationship I told myself.  If you got something lighter and more agile you wouldn't struggle so much or be exhausted trying to get up hills.  This sounds crazy if you aren't religious but I gave a quick prayer of what to do and an answer/peace to my problem as I was making myself sick over this bike.  

How can you go through several manufacturers sites and not find anything to drool over?  That's crazy.      Building a bike from scratch would cost far more than buying one as well.  I went to look for my camera to put the bike up on Craigslist and figured I'd go from there but couldn't find it.  Suddenly this peaceful feeling of "Don't worry about selling the bike.  It will be okay." came over me and I felt better.


It hit me that hadn't browsed through Craigslist in a while.  Maybe someone's got a bike or some parts that might work.  I can't see someone wanting to sell X9 or XO parts but you never know.  I start reading down the listings and about halfway down saw a listing for bike parts with SRAM XO 3x9 grip shifters listed.  My shifters are X7 which puts XO's two steps up in niceness.  Pretty much TOL.

No way.   I clicked on the ad and there they were in the picture.  He had the set for a decent price so I emailed him.  Several conversations later I have a set of XO grip shifters in the mail on it's way and the camera was in front of me the entire time next to the computer.  I don't know how I missed it.

Are the XO grip shifts the answer?  I won't know until I get them on.  Dumb luck with thinking of Craigslist?  Maybe.  But I do know God does answer prayers, even mine.