Saturday, December 01, 2012

Global Fat Bike Day!

Today was Global Fat Bike Day and all of us with fat bikes headed out on our trips.  Jamie and I met up in Lincoln, Nebraska for our ride and had a great time.

About two miles in I thought I'd be cool and try to make it down the ravine, cross the creek and make it back up the hill.  I've been wanting to do it for awhile and after doing Tranquility, I figured I was good.  I sat back, planned my path of destruction and possible bale-out plan if necessary, and headed down the hill.  I made it across the creek and started up the hill when my back tire spun out, lost traction and I fell backwards/sideways into the water.

Cold water is just that.  COLD.  I stood up as fast as I could, checked out my bike and myself and asked Jamie to take a pic. I probably scared the crap out of her as she was behind me.  No worries, my head is just fine.  My back pack took most of the abuse which is partly why I use one.  I saw a video once of some guy who fell down a mountain after he lost his balance on the bike.  The back pack saved his life and I've just had one ever since.  I also ride in more remote areas so I need the pack for water and tools.

After cleaning myself and the bike up (always have baby wipes in your pack) we headed back to the parking lot to get some clean clothes.  After my concussion I now carry a set of clothes in the car for emergencies as I wished I'd had some clean clothes while in the hospital.  Only thing I didn't have was a band-aid as I'd scraped my hand when I used it to brace for the fall.  I landed on my arm and wrist as well.

We kept riding and finally headed out on to the limestone trail.  Jamie had never ridden her Pugs on limestone and was surprised at how easy it was.  Now she knows how versatile her bike really is.  I ride my Muk everywhere.

After she left to go home, I did a quick check of my left arm.  It's got a lump, scrapes, bruises and is swollen.  My left leg is picking up a nice bruise as well.