Monday, February 18, 2013

Feeling Better

Finally feeling a LOT better.  Don't know what I picked up but it wasn't fun.  The rest of my family only had a couple of days while I had two weeks.  You don't realize how much you need your hearing until you lose it to being clogged.  That full feeling drives you nuts and everything sounds muffled.

Thanks to a tax refund I was able to get a laptop's not a Mac.  If it blows up on me, I'll never buy from Microsoft again.  I also got my first pair of real shoes for running.  Now that I'm feeling better I can get outside.

I've discovered a new love of paper.  I'll never do the scrapbooking thing, but have enjoyed making some stuff.  I bought a Silhouette Cameo cutter off of Amazon and purchased the upgrade of Designer Studio.  If you are looking to dump your Cricut and don't want a big machine, this is the perfect one.

Here's what I made for Valentine's Day for my hubby with the software and some purchased SVG/PNG files.  You can buy digital paper and print out your designs on card stock.  Hubby loved it.

I haven't done any quilting because my red fabric seems to have disappeared and I need to order green thread for the other quilt.  I was at JoAnn's and saw Kona had some really great red fabric.  I should have bought half yards of several reds to see if any of them matched what I have.  I have a kit in my closet that I should probably start or keep working on my log cabin quilt.


Linda in Calif. said...

LOL!! Oh that card is so funny! Making cards looks like a lot of fun. I'm so glad you feel better. I lost my hearing in one ear for a couple months - and I was so happy. I couldn't hear the kids calling for stuff or my hubby asking for stuff. It was wonderful. Although I am glad it's back.