Monday, February 25, 2013

Log Cabins and a Quarter Century Ride!

I'm so excited!  I signed up for a quarter century bike ride in June with another lady that has a fat bike!  I've never done a group ride or a sponsored ride so I'm terribly nervous.  I always ride by myself or with Jamie when I can get to Lincoln with my fat bike.  25 miles isn't that far but I worry about being with a lot of other people.

You should have read the legalese for this activity.  LOL.  Umm..I ride at my own risk facing death and destruction every time I go out on a bike, why would that be anything new for a sponsored ride?  But yeah, I know.  There's always some idiot out there looking to sue.


Since we had snow last Thursday and Friday I got out a log cabin fat quarter kit that's been sitting in my closet for about a year and started on it.  The cutting directions were terrible but finally got it all sorted.  If you find the cutting directions are bad, sit down with another sheet of paper and work out the numbers.  The widest cuts should be FIRST if you write patterns especially for fat quarter quilts.

Regardless of the terrible cutting directions I got 59 blocks done but messed up the last block.  The finished quilt is set on point so cutting across the blocks as the pattern says should prove interesting.  Here's the partial layout of a few blocks to get the idea:

I had far more fun with my Cameo last night making a birthday card for my FIL:

I'm still amazed at how intricate the machine can cut patterns.  I hadn't planned on making the card this small as I didn't think about resizing when it came up on the screen.   The card fits inside a letter size envelope as you can see.  Every detail is perfect.  Now to mail it out to him.   

I don't like prednisone and not sure it's helping with the bursitis.  I haven't done anything in a week but I still hurt.  I hope I'm up to riding this quarter century in June.    


Kathie said...

Have you tried using your cameo yet to cut fabric? it's my favorite thing to do for appliques with mine. :) I did felt valentine's for the kiddo's class and just double cut everything and they were perfect for the embroidery machine. LOVE that thing. If you try, just make sure you have a blade reserved just for fabric.