Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review of "Modern Quilt Patterns" from McCall's Quiting

I got the surprise of my life when I was asked by McCall's Quilting to review a free ebook called "Modern Quilt Patterns".  Inside are three beautiful quilts with full instructions.  It's in PDF format and ten pages long. 

Scrolling down is awkward when you are used to reading left to right so it's easy to get lost in directions and scrolling can be a pain.  I'll let them know that.  If there is a setting on a PDF viewer that lets you read like a normal book, it would be great to find it.

The first quilt, "Baubles and Beads" has lots of potential for scraps and colorways.  It would be stunning in blues/greens or blues/golds.  It's really easy to make but I would strip piece the center parts instead of the directions given.  It's my favorite out the three and will plan on making it some time this year. 

"Rainbow Rhythm" is made of half square triangles done in various colors from greens, blues, purples, pinks, silver, whites and reds.  The only problem I have with fat quarter quilts is that patterns never give a visual on how to cut the strips on the fat quarter.  I'd cheat and use Thangles with this because I'm lazy. 

If you can get past the pinks/purples and loudness of the third quilt, "Lemon Squeezy", it's a quilt-as-you go project.  The directions were kind of hard to follow until I realized it was a strippy pieced quilt and you just make sure the lengths are what is required in the pattern.  The quilt is sewn on the diagonal using the seams as the quilting.  It would be cool to use different colored bobbin threads to create a pattern for the back of the quilt.

Again, thanks to McCall's for asking me to do a review.