Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Computers and Threads

What is your Rock Star Name?

1. Rock star name: Captain Americat Elantra
2. Gangsta Name: Mint Boots
3. Native American Name: Blue Moose
4. Superhero Name: Red Soda
5. NASCAR Name: John Eugene
6. Stripper Name: Rose Snickers
7. TV Weather Anchor Name: Brown Belfast
8. Spy Name: Spring Rose
9. Cartoon Name: Peach Jeans
10. Hippie Name: Honey Smacks Walnut

How did I get those names:
1. first pet name / current car
2. favorite ice cream flavor / favorite type of shoe
3. favorite color / favorite animal
4. second favorite color / favorite drink
5. first names of your grandfathers
6. favorite perfume or scent/ favorite candy
7. 5th Grade teacher’s last name/ City that starts with the same first letter
8. favorite season/ favorite flower
9. favorite fruit / an article of clothing you are wearing now
10. what you ate for breakfast / favorite tree

I haven't gotten anything done lately. My meds are out of wack and I've been feeling the effects. I had a seizure a couple of days ago because of it. I had a flu shot on Monday which hasn't helped. I just want to sleep.

While at the doc office hubby was told he had high blood pressure..160 over something like 100 so he's now taking medication.

Hubby and I went to Council Bluffs, Iowa to the Best Buy to get a steelbook edition of "Hancock". Men and metal boxes. I looked at computers as I want a new one. I'm torn between an Imac and..well..Vista. I really want the Imac. The problem is that my quilting and embroidery software don't run on the Mac operating system. My solutions are to get the XP for the Mac which means boosting up the Imac so it can handle two operating systems or getting a cable that connects my current tower to the Imac and working with one screen.

I have no desire to go to Vista and I've heard rumors that another version is in the works for Microsoft.

And of course, the price of a new computer. Hubby was so sweet to get me the Sapphire 870 and I can't justify a new computer. Mine works, it just gets hosed up and is slower than a snail at times. I've whined now. I feel better.

I stopped by the Janome dealer in Omaha and picked up more thread and needles. I'm turning into a thread junkie..LOL.


Gina said...

Love the stripper name

Love and hugs Gina xxx