Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Pressing "Hump"

To buy a new iron or not? There's nothing really wrong with my iron other than it doesn't really press seams down as much as I'd like it too. I was using a friend's beat up old iron and it was perfect. No "hump" over the seams like mine does. That's the only thing that aggravates me..the "hump" as I call it. Where you press the seams to one side and you get a "hump" instead of a flat seam. That small edge that needs to go over just a little more. I know it exists because my friend's iron didn't leave a "hump". It was a beautiful pressed seam.

My iron gets really hot. It doesn't shut off so I can use it all day. It doesn't leak. It gets wrinkles out. I really don't have any complaints other than the "hump" problem. The problem is that I don't know why I get the "hump". Am I causing the "hump"? Does anyone else get the "hump" or is it a figment of my imagination?

How do I know that if I buy a new iron, I won't have this problem? Have you taken a look at the irons out there? Talk about overload. Apparently my friends basic Black And Decker doesn't exist anymore as a scoured the internet looking for one. Everything is now "space age" funky with all kinds of stuff that I'll never use.

I almost sound like Dr. Suess with the "hump". LOL


Anonymous said...

A hump? You've got three layers versus one layer. It's common sense.

Samantha said...

I wish people who would leave comments like the one above would at least leave their name and addy rather than just go as 'anonymous'. I would say borrow your friends iron (if possible) for a small while and try it out further, and if it still out performes your iron i would get a new one. Good luck, glad to have found your blog again! Sam xoxox

Bethany said...

LOL are so correct. 3 layers vs 1. Like DUH, right? Thank you for the giggle this morning.

If I can whine about a "seamingly" stupid seam hump, you can be anonymous. It's good to see the passionate anonymous people out there doing their job!

Glad you stopped by and hope you visit more often.

Linda said...

Hi--yeah there's got to be a bit of a hump--but not much! I often find that when there's a hump, there's a corresponding pleat on the other side--cause it just didn't get pressed enough. I tell my students to press from both sides to address that problem (and I also tell them to pull just a bit on the opposing side when pressing so any pleats get pulled out!)
I bought my latest Black and Decker light and easy at Wal-Mart this summer for about $16.23 Canadian! I bought two--one for classes and one for me. The light and easy have changed looks over the years but I still find them the best inexpensive iron that works really well for me!
Lurking Linda