Thursday, November 06, 2008

3-D Block Quilt

I bought a new iron the other day. Wow. It's really nice and easier to use. So much lighter than my Rowenta.

I started working on my 3-D quilt blocks today. I pulled out my "Precision Piecing" DVD and watched it again. That's really helped and my blocks are coming out 9.5 inches like they should. It's taking forever to make one though. I need 30 blocks to make this quilt. 28 more to go! Kristie, you inspire me to put out blocks..LOL!

I really like how this is turning out. I may have to write up pattern directions now that I have a better idea of how to do this. EQ's rotary cutting chart is so useless. There is a really easy way to do this block with out cutting out templates or angled sides. I learned it from an old pattern I bought years ago. You cut out rectangles and squares and sew on the diagonal. Fold the square or rectangle over, press and cut out the extra underneath. Instant angle!

I had a seizure this morning while cutting out fabric. I'm SO glad I didn't cut my fingers. I usually have a warning before I have one so I was able to put the cutter down. Stupid epilepsy. Almost made it 3 months though. I just spent the morning sleeping off the seizure. Hubby said it was pretty long and hard. I still have my fingers..not complaining.


Rhonda said...

So happy that you are alright and still in possession of all your fingers. Your blocks are outstanding. Do, please, write up a pattern. I'm love to be the first to buy one. Take care.

JenniferB said...

I'm sorry you had another seizure -- but glad that you have a loving hubby to take care or you and a warning so you still have fingers! Beautiful blocks, again, by the way!

vtquilter said...

Glad you are ok after the seizure with all your fingers attached. Love the blocks, they came out great. That will be one pretty quilt.

Jen said...

Bethany you reallllly should get a Klutz Glove.

I think the name of it is HORRIBLE, but they were originally invented for stroke patients. In your case it could really save you from a cut should you ever cut yourself when you have a siezure and someone not be in the same room with you.

I have one from when I was on blood thinners; I couldn't risk a cut on my hand.

Regina said...

beautiful blocks - so glad your seizure did not come with any collateral damage.

Linda said...

I'm agreeing with Jen, get a Klutz glove!! So glad you survived without a cut this time. I love the blocks--isn't it funny how you can be told to do a block one way and realize you know a better, easier way? Makes you realize how much you're learning (or have learned!) Have a good rest of the day!
Lurking Linda

swooze said...

Those blocks are awesome! Is that your own design?